Have you seen Joe by R.T.J. Hockin

In 2017 Joe worked on the Illustrations for the Children’s book by Richard Hockin. It was published by Pegasus Elliot Mackenzie in April 2018. They book has over a dozen beautifully delicate images for children to explore. It is available from the Publishers and on Amazon.


“The biggest challenge Joe Pentreath was expecting was moving up to secondary school, and he had the whole summer holiday to get ready for that. Yet when he sights four galleons heading for his home village of Mousehole in Cornwall, he’s in for a dangerous adventure he cannot walk away from. Only old Tom Tregenza seems to know what’s going on and only Joe’s headmaster, Mr Pender, can tell Joe what the past has in store for his future. Old Tom has a secret, a grief he doesn’t like to talk about, yet Joe must get to the bottom of it with only his best friends, Billie and Zack, to help. The Spanish Armada are bringing fire, sword and sacrilege to England. Can Joe and his friends really travel back in time to 1595 and stop King Philip’s men making an example of Mousehole?”

Pegasus Publishers

Full Gallery of images coming soon

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